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The reason we set up silkstone partners was to make as big a difference as possible to as many lives as we can, starting with the entrepreneurs we help. If we do that, we believe that we will (accidentally!) make great returns for our partners and investors. We don't believe that purpose driven companies sacrifice profits, we believe that true profits can only come from purpose driven companies. 

Purpose drives passionate people to achieve amazing things. People get out of bed in the morning to make a difference and try to make the world a better place.  Of course some people do get out of bed in the morning just for money, but we don't want to work with those people.


We find passionate people and we work with them to build great businesses together. We can help you make your idea better or come up with one from scratch. It is often easiest to start in an area you are an expert in. This can be something that annoys you about your job, or some problem your company can't seem to solve, or some waste that your company generates that you believe has value. Or maybe you just have a great idea that is nothing to do with your work and want to make it happen but need someone to help you.

We draw on our knowledge, experience, contacts and money to give you the best chance of starting and growing a successful business.  We will work with you to create everything you need to secure funding for your business, which you will need to quit your job and work on your business full time. This is the only way it can happen. We know because we tried to build a business while we had a full time job and it doesn't work.


We hear over and over again that you aren't starting businesses because you haven't got a good enough idea, or its just not the right time right now, or that you just can't afford to not earn a salary. What you are really saying is that it is difficult to take that initial leap. Quitting your job and starting a company is very very hard. Often harder than running and growing that company. 

People who take the initial leap and start companies can be and often are very different from people who grow companies. The problem is there are far fewer people who take that initial leap. At silkstone we find people we believe have what it takes to run and grow great businesses, and help them to take that initial leap. If we can fill that confidence gap, we can build amazing companies with great people.

Like the baby bird pushed out of the nest, you will fly. But sometimes it takes the mum bird to give you that push. We are the mum bird.


Silkstone partners are exited founders not finance people. We know what it is like to start, grow and exit businesses, which is important because that is the adventure you are about to go on. We are spread out across the world and have lived in many countries. At the moment we are in New York, Washington, Singapore and Indonesia.

People we are supporting



Shazoos is building the foundations of a new type of toy company committed to making a genuine difference. A toy company that promotes imaginative play, sources sustainably and empowers the local community through skills development and employment.



Hatch Bali does one thing and one thing well. A 4-week creative outcome driven engagement to kick-start ideas into tangible assets. A team of strategy, creative and business experts focused on hatching your idea into brand, prototype and pitch ready for funding.

Sasha Conlan


Supplying Sasha’s Fine Foods with products that have been created with an eye to the impact on the wider world; the land, the sea, the animals and the people - all which play such a vital role in allowing us the privilege of enjoying beautiful everyday food.


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